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Whole Home Wi-Fi Solution


We recommend Wi-Fi 6 for buildings with a large number of rooms, where a standard wireless router may struggle to provide consistent Wi-Fi.

Our Whole Home Wi-Fi solutions, place a single access point around your property to cover most rooms in the home.

Our Whole Home Wi-Fi solution that can cover up to 1500m2.

Home Telephone


If you have wireless broadband, you can also have a Home Phone service which works alongside it! Home Phone is internet-based telephone calling. This means you don’t need a physical landline, or cables all over the house. 

You can save over £100 a year, and is the perfect solution if you’re tired of an old crackly landline!

Fail over solution: Unbreakable Internet 


Unbreakable Internet provides a truly reliable internet connection. With a built in 4G SIM, there is no fussing around trying to find a dongle, if your connection drops, it will seamlessly and instantly cross over, getting you back online without the wait.

What other companies may promise as instant, can actually take up to 3 minutes to get you back online. Unbreakable Internet ensures a seamless and truly instant cross over, keeping you online just when you need it, with prices starting from £49 per month. 

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