Norfolk Gliding Club  ~ Rural Business Broadband



Recently WiSpire installed a 30/30 mbps business broadband service into Norfolk Gliding Club at Tibenham airfield. For those of you not familiar with South Norfolk, this is a rural area with very poor traditional broadband services.

The previous broadband providers for Norfolk Gliding Club, were only offering 8 down and 0.8 mbps up!

With no reliance on traditional technology, WiSpire set up a WISP broadband connection, straight from Tibenham All Saints Church which has a discrete WiSpire receiver on its roof.

“From the first ‘phone call through to installation the service was great.  The engineer Emily was excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful.

The WiSpire connection has transformed the way we do business.  Our previous provider’s service was only 8 down and 0.8 up, WiSpire has provided a symmetrical 30/30 mbps.  The next stage we are planning with WiSpire are VoIP telephones!”

Paul Woodcock

Director, Norfolk Gliding Club Tibenham

The benefits:

Norfolk Gliding Club can now live stream their webcams to YouTube.  They are also looking into moving their data systems onto Cloud services, along with discussions with the @wispire team about VoIP phones. 

These new developments were just not possible with the previous broadband service.  Which again highlights the issue of connectivity, for rural small businesses.

Norfolk Gliding Club